Bodoland State Lottery Sambad Result

Assam Bodoland Lottery Result Today: 12 PM, 3 PM, and 7 PM Live on Lottery Sambad. Singam Kuil, Rosa Deer, Thangam Nallaneram, Kumaran Vishnu, Swarnalaxmi, Vairam, Mani, Lion Series.

Bodoland State Lottery Sambad Result

Bodoland Lottery Prize

Rank Prize Amount (in ₹)
1st Prize Rs.100000/-
2nd Prize Rs.7000/-
3rd Prize Rs.3500/-
4th Prize Rs.200/-
5th Prize Rs.100/-
6th Prize Rs.50/-

Note: Nallaneram, Kumaran, Vishnu, Swarnalaxmi, Mani, and Lion Series have different prize structures with their 1st Prize being Rs. 50000/-. Please confirm with your lottery agent for accurate details.

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  • Kumaran Vishnu Thunder Sunday
  • Swarnalaxmi Lio Ruby Sunday